Hike to Trailhead for grill-your-own Sundays – Tennessee News

Hike to Trailhead for grill-your-own Sundays –  Tennessee News

Heather Robinson, Shopper News correspondent

Published 10:35 a.m. ET June 13, 2017 | Updated 24 hours ago


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A local beer market is offering a summer grilling experience that South Knoxvillians with find hard to pass up.

Trailhead Beer Market, located at 1317 Island Home Ave., has opened its outdoor patio for patrons to use on a “BYOM” basis. That’s bring your own meat.

“An outdoor barbecue has always been something special for everyone and it’s always better with friends and a locally brewed craft beer!” says Trailhead managing partner Joe Jennings.

Bringing your own items for the grill provides the personal experience of a backyard cookout but with a more social, community feel.

“Our mission has always been to be a neighborhood dive,” says Jennings. “I guess we are a bit on the scruffy side, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. We want people to feel welcome and at home.”

On Sundays, Trailhead provides the beer, a propane grill, and a variety of condiments on its newly renovated patio and tin-roof covered porch. Hungry customers provide hot dogs, burgers and sometimes even very innovative grill groceries.

“It’s actually quite funny what people have cooked on the grill,” admits Jennings. “People have grilled pizzas, pineapple, oysters and lately there has been a lot of catfish during Predators…

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