Man disrupts Kingsport concert, shows off ‘vulgar’ tattoo – Tennessee News

Man disrupts Kingsport concert, shows off ‘vulgar’ tattoo –  Tennessee News

Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office

June 9

When a county deputy pulled into the Kingsport Police Department, he found a woman standing in the middle of Shelby Street and “cursing about police officers.” She was determined to be drunk and arrested for public intoxication.

A Blountville man, 72, reported that he was visited by his enraged son. The suspect had been served with divorce papers and was “blaming” his father for the impending separation. With a ratchet in hand, he busted out the window of a truck the victim was sitting in, then struck his father in the hand. Later, the suspect used the tool to hit himself in the head, causing a laceration. He said he’d tell police that he was the one assaulted, but fled prior to their arrival. The victim went to the hospital for treatment.

June 11

A Bluff City woman observed a neighbor’s dog with one of her chickens in its mouth. Her fiance then shot the animal three times with a shotgun. A responding deputy reported finding the dog deceased, along with three chickens it had presumably killed. The complainants said that over the past week, 14 of their chickens and a duck had been mauled. Police took no action.

Kingsport Police Department

June 9

In less than an hour, officers had three run-ins with a man near an outside concert on Broad Street. First, he was advised to stop walking in front of vehicles. Shortly thereafter, he arrived at the police department to complain about three guys “blowing him kisses.” He didn’t want to report the incident, he only wanted to…

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