Neighbors clash with proposed subdivision bordering ag land – California News

Neighbors clash with proposed subdivision bordering ag land – California News

Oroville >> Fired up farmers served up hours of testimony Tuesday regarding a proposed subdivision on Stanley Avenue in Chico, resulting in the Board of Supervisors delaying its vote.

Another public hearing on the issue was scheduled for the July 25 meeting of the board at 10 a.m.

Chief Administrative Officer Paul Hahn said two weeks before the next meeting would not be enough time to look into all of the claims and concerns which came about.

The appeal came after the planning commission denied an applicant’s request in March to build a subdivision on 18 acres with one border 150 feet closer than the usual 300-feet distance required between residential and agricultural properties. The staff report recommended approving the amendment, though the agricultural commissioner did not.

The land for proposed development is surrounded by agriculture to the south and east, a mobile home park to the west and single-family residences to the north.

Nels Leen, the applicant, pointed to a letter from the county in February suggesting that an exception to the 300-feet rule could be made. He said he purchased the lots because of that letter. Leen, a real estate investor who owns Country Lane Apartments on East Lassen Avenue in Chico, maintains he has done everything by the book throughout the process.

He did not anticipate backlash from neighbors, with over 100 of them signing a petition aiming to limit the development. He thought they would appreciate that property values would likely rise, with his plans for 14 additional homes valued at $600,000 to $700,000 in the area. Leen’s…

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