State Sen. Mike McGuire shaping cannabis priorities – California News

State Sen. Mike McGuire shaping cannabis priorities – California News

SACRAMENTO >> California’s North Coast is the epicenter of cannabis country, with four Northern California counties growing approximately 60 percent of the marijuana in America.

Senator Mike McGuire, who represents those cannabis rich counties, has been the lead legislator in the Senate to help craft the cannabis budget trailer bill that was released on Monday.

Working with his colleagues, including Assemblymember Jim Wood, McGuire has worked to develop solutions to some of the biggest challenges as recreational use begins to become reality.

The budget trailer bill includes:

•Enhancing environmental rules and regulations, including creating an organic standards program for cannabis

•Opening a North Coast one-stop shop for tax and license collections, which will be fully staffed

•Implementing appellations for cannabis growing regions

•Recognizing agricultural co-ops for cannabis growers, ensuring that small family cultivators can thrive in the new regulatory system

•Preserving the ability for cities and counties to maintain local control and regulation of businesses in their hometowns

“The North Coast is the epicenter for cannabis cultivation in America and it has been critical that as state regulations are implemented, the North Coast is driving the conversation,” McGuire said. “The proposed new rules and regulations that are embedded within the budget will enhance environmental protections, advance local control for cities and counties and ensure the health and safety of consumers is priority number one as we continue to move this multi-billion dollar…

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