Suspected bomb maker told FBI he injured self making rockets – South Dakota News

Suspected bomb maker told FBI he injured self making rockets – South Dakota News

Martin Rezac, 61, of Dallas, who was hospitalized on Nov. 27, 2015, following an explosion in his home while he was allegedly making an explosive compound to shoot off rockets, according to court documents, is still scheduled for trial in two weeks after attorneys allowed a court-designated plea agreement deadline to pass.

Rezac is charged with two federal counts of making threats by telephone and one count of making false statements, stemming from incidents between Dec. 11, 2014, and Nov. 27, 2015, in which he allegedly threatened a Veterans Affairs nurse in Sioux Falls, threatened to blow up a Veterans Affairs building in Hot Springs and lied about explosive devices in his home.

Rezac was also facing three state felonies related to possession of explosives and intent to make a destructive device, but the charges were dismissed earlier this year.

Gregory County State’s Attorney Amy Bartling told The Daily Republic the charges were dismissed because the federal charges were based on the same alleged facts.

“It was something that I looked down and saw what the feds were charging him with, and I thought that was probably the better suited venue for all of it,” Bartling said after the case was dismissed.

The federal false statements charge has become a subject of debate in the case. Rezac initially told medical staff he “was making flash powder for magic,” court documents state, but then told two Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) agents he was making hexamethylene triperoxide, a highly explosive material, to shoot rockets into the air.

Rezac allegedly denied having other explosives, but a subsequent search of Rezac’s home…

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