The silent rule in Robeson – North Carolina News

The silent rule in Robeson –  North Carolina News

It was an honor to receive an award named after Granville attorney Robert Rector as most outstanding county party chairman in the state recently. But the award is really the effort of a team long joked about as being able to meet in a phone booth. Conservatives have come a long way in Robeson, but the strength of Robeson is neither conservative Republicans nor liberal Democrats. The strength is in what President Nixon called the “silent majority” and their views are moderate.

Unaffiliated voters are the fastest growing voter block in the county. While we hear from loud advocates on both extremes of ideology, unaffiliated voters tend to quietly vote, pay taxes and don’t participate in vocal debates or protests.

Sure they have strong opinions. But they believe it isn’t admirable to carry protest signs or attack opponents either online or in person. Actually, unaffiliated voters are turned off by the continued drone of activists on both sides continually throwing bombs at each other. They appreciate meaningful discussion, not continual criticism.

This is why unaffiliated voters are unaffiliated. They agree with the left on some issues and the right on others. They don’t want to be involved in the political back and forth.

In Robeson, they tend to lean moderately right and Republicans have managed to tap into the strength of this silent majority. After all, North Carolina in general and Robeson in particular is just right of center (moderate) if you had to place ideology on a scale.

There are around 15,000 unaffiliated voters in Robeson, constituting 20 percent of the electorate. That’s a huge number. Keep in…

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