Tom Brady’s first 100 Instagram posts, by the numbers – Massachusetts News

Tom Brady’s first 100 Instagram posts, by the numbers – Massachusetts News

Tom Brady’s Instagram profile —Screenshot

After joining the image-based social media platform just this past January, Tom Brady (or his social media team) blasted his 100th ‘gram on Monday.

Brady’s Instagram presence doesn’t quite match the 12.7 million followers that his wife Gisele Bündchen commands. But the New England Patriots quarterback’s 100 posts over roughly five months provided a nice, even number to make some quantitative observations.

27: The number of posts including family members

Outside of football-related photos (which make up nearly 40 percent of posts), Brady’s family is perhaps the centermost focus on his account. Brady’s children are featured in 19 posts, while Bündchen makes 15 appearances and one or both of his parents are in six photos.

“I want my pages to represent who I really am,” Brady told the Associated Press earlier this year. “The messages all root back to who I am and how I try to live my life.”

22: The number of brand appearances

Whether it’s a straight-up endorsement announcement or slickly placed product placement, Brady is not shy about promoting his own TB12 brand and other corporate partners.

15: The number of teammate photos

From the recent Super Bowl ring ceremony to the recurringwolf pack” photos, Brady’s fellow Patriots make frequent cameos on their team captain’s Instagram account.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has made two appearances as well.

13: The number of funny posts

Gronk isn’t the only one with jokes. And the 39-year-old quarterback’s feed is making sure everyone knows it. Brady’s humorous…

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