Why an anti-abortion lawmaker made a video of himself beheading a chicken – Minnesota News

Why an anti-abortion lawmaker made a video of himself beheading a chicken – Minnesota News

Weeks earlier, the newly elected Republican governor had chided lawmakers for failing to pass legislation during the state’s annual legislative period and referred to lawmakers as “career politicians” whose “summer vacations” he planned to cancel with a special session, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Moon was annoyed by the governor’s language. But as a staunch antiabortion politician, he was even more frustrated by something else: the abortion-related legislation to be reviewed in the special session added restrictions to abortion clinics in Missouri but none of them attempted to ban the practice entirely.

The special session was a waste of everyone’s time and money, Moon thought, as he spent an early morning killing chickens on his 125-acre farm.

That’s when he decided to film a video.

“God gave us man dominion over life,” Moon said on camera moments after he sliced a bird’s head off with a knife, causing the animal’s wings to flap erratically. “He allows us to raise animals properly and care for them and then process them for food so we can sustain life. And that’s what I’m doing here with this chicken. So we’ve been called back to this special session for the primary purpose of supporting life, protecting the unborn specifically.”

“I think we need to get to the heart of the matter here,” he added before pulling the bird’s heart out of its body.


To some critics, the slaughter was interpreted as convoluted metaphor that was meant to send women a menacing message about abortion. For others it seemed sadistic, strange and violent – and enough for one activist to call for the lawmaker’s arrest.

Back at his modest…

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