Young Craig drivers put pedal to metal in quarter midget auto racing – Colorado News

Young Craig drivers put pedal to metal in quarter midget auto racing – Colorado News

Most kids have to wait until age 15 or older to get some serious time behind the wheel, but that’s not a concern for Travis Cook and Xavier Davis.

Travis and Xavier are competing this summer in the Rocky Mountain Quarter Midget Association circuit, a form of auto racing that’s scaled down in size but takes no less skill.

As the name suggests, quarter midget cars are one-fourth the size of a full midget car, a vehicle that has high horsepower under a smaller hood. For quarters, and particularly for kids, the numbers are smaller still, hitting speeds of about 30 miles per hour on a track that’s about 1/20th of a mile in length.

Still, it’s much more complex than the average go-kart, and it was getting a taste of high speed at Grand Junction’s Bananas Fun Park that made Xavier want something more.

“I felt the need for it. I love racing,” he said.

Xavier and Travis, both 12, were encouraged by Travis’s father, Paul, to pursue the sport, and they were able to get ahold of the quarter midget vehicles that they’ve been using this summer, both of which bear the banner of Interstate Batteries, Paul’s employer.

Paul has overseen their progress so far, the boys moving up in the ranks to the Senior Honda Class since starting in May.

“This is the entry level to NASCAR — Kyle Busch, Dale Earnhardt Jr., all of them started at these guys’ age,” Paul said. “It’s all family-based, real competitive.”

The home track for RMQMA is the Front Range’s Dacono, which is where most races have taken place this summer, as well as in Pueblo and Colorado Springs, meaning many miles on the odometer.

“We put seven hours of driving in just to get to…

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