14th Grade Is the New 12th Grade – Arizona News

14th Grade Is the New 12th Grade – Arizona News

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So far as I know, Democrat David Garcia is the only gubernatorial candidate who has a plan to allow all Arizonans to attend state colleges tuition free, or the outline of a plan anyway. He wants to start by making community and tribal colleges tuition free, expand to top high school graduates attending Arizona universities and eventually include all in-state students. If other people running for state office have listed free college tuition as part of their platforms, I haven’t seen it, but lots of candidates are springing up saying lots of things, and education promises to be a red-hot item this election season. We’ll have to see where things go.

Details? Yes, details are important and Garcia promises to supply them in the next few months, but there’s something more important. It’s the basic question, “Should college be tuition free?” If the answer is yes, the next question is, how do we get there? It’s within the realm of the possible if we think it’s important enough, and we don’t have to get all the way there right away. If we begin the journey toward free tuition, we’ll keep moving closer to the goal.

The answer, by the way, is yes, making college tuition free is a good idea, a very good idea, especially when it comes to community college. Today, 14th grade is the new…

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