18th century chair returns to Weston – Connecticut News

18th century chair returns to Weston – Connecticut News

Presenting and accepting an antique Weston-made rocking chair from left, Dallas Kersey, president of the Weston Historical Society, Kathleen Wagner Bethell, the chair’s latest owner, First Selectman Nina Daniel, and Susan Gunn Bromley the society’s executive director. — Patricia Gay photo

A rocking chair that was made in Weston in the 1700s has found its way back more than 300 years later.

On June 7, Kathleen Bethell traveled from her home in Bloomington, Ind. to donate an antique rocking chair to the Weston Historical Society.

The chair will become part of the society’s  furniture collection and will be housed at the Coley Homestead farmhouse at 105 Weston Road.

A nursing rocker, the chair once belonged to Ruhamah Wheeler, a resident of Weston in the late 18th century. It was given to Ruhamah by her husband, Benjamin Treadwell, probably between the date of their marriage in 1787 and the birth of their first child Bradley Treadwell, who was born in Weston in 1789.

Benjamin Treadwell fought in the Revolutionary War from 1781-1784 in Captain Elias Stillwell’s Regiment, where he was appointed Corporal. He and Ruhamah lived in a 26’ x 24’ house near an area called Nick’s Hole in the southeast region of Weston.

The rocking chair has stayed within the family for seven generations. Bethell is the last remaining female in that family line.

The chair has had seven owners since the 1700s:

  1. Ruhamah (Wheeler) Treadwell (1763-1833)
  2. Esther (Treadwell) Beers (1792-1871)
  3. Marrinda (Beers) Stowe (1815-1892)
  4. Lucy Maria (Stowe) Bartram (1844-1944)
  5. Lucy Stowe (Bartram) Hansen (1899-1994)
  6. Ruth (Bartram)…

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