Adding more spice to Woodbury – Minnesota News

Adding more spice to Woodbury – Minnesota News

Located in the same strip mall as the international grocery store, the Spice Bazaar’s owners said the decision to open Spice Bazaar – Halal Meats came largely from customers’ requests for fresh meats. But the market didn’t have the space to meet the request.

Muslim clientele also expressed a desire for halal meat because of the lack of options in the east metro, which is meat and other products that adhere to Islamic law.

“It’s a necessity for them,” said co-owner Matthew Thachil. “Otherwise they have to go all the way to Minneapolis to find it.”

Display cases lined with cuts of lamb and goat, chicken and organ meat can be cut to any size.

The shop also serves ready-to-cook items like pepper chicken and chicken tikka, a popular Indian and Pakistani dish that’s marinated in spices and yogurt.

“People don’t want to waste time with cooking because nobody has time,” Thachil said.

A small freezer section also carries items like whole sardines and meat and rice dishes like chicken biryani, a spicy mixed rice dish.

The meat is locally sourced from a free-range and antibiotic-free farm in Rochester.

The back of the shop has a variety of meat cutting machines a butcher’s stations, a walk-in cooler and a freezer filled from the floor to the ceiling with cases of shaved coconut.

“They’re good for thickening curry,” said Spice Bazaar owner Akil Jolly of the coconut shavings. “But people use them for a lot of things.”

Though the Spice Bazaar and meat shop cater heavily to the area’s South Asian population, Jolly said customers come from all over.

The owners — the Jolly family who live in Hastings and Cottage Grove, along with friends Najeeb…

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