BBB offers tips to deal with aftermath of data theft – Connecticut News

BBB offers tips to deal with aftermath of data theft – Connecticut News

In the wake of a recent data breach uncovered at the Chipotle restaurant chain, Connecticut Better Business Bureau says theft of personal and financial data is not something consumers can prevent, but they can minimize the impact.

“It may take days, weeks or months for large companies to discover and disclose the theft of private or financial customer information,” said Connecticut Better Business Bureau spokesman Howard Schwartz. “Until experts find a way of preventing database hacking, businesses face a major challenge. This recent breach is a wake-up call for businesses to strengthen their digital information collection and storage systems.”

In the case of the Chipotle data attack, it appears consumers’ credit card information was stolen from compromised point-of-sale terminals when customers swiped their payment cards. Although the terminals captured credit card numbers and their three-digit verification codes on the back of the cards, the company says no personal information was stolen.

During the rash of breaches over the past several years, one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies’ data storage system was penetrated, giving cyber criminals access to customers’ sensitive personal information, including their Social Security Numbers, contact information and medical files.

Subsequent to the first reports of data theft several years ago, surveys have revealed many consumers said they don’t feel enough is done to protect their information.

With so much commerce conducted online with credit and debit cards, consumers are advised to use well-known and trustworthy…

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