Brine well funding approved by city – New Mexico News

Brine well funding approved by city – New Mexico News

Adrian C Hedden , Carlsbad Current-Argus
9:29 a.m. MT June 14, 2017


The area affected by the potential sinkhole encompasses about 3.27 acres near 3005 S. Canal St. The well itself is about 300 feet wide and 700 feet long. The depth of the cavern is estimated about 600 feet below the surface.

The final vote needed to secure funding for an engineering study at the Carlsbad Brine Well passed unanimously Tuesday during the Carlsbad City Council’s meeting.

The $125,000 city allocation will be combined with another $125,000 from Eddy County approved June 6, and will release $250,000 in state money to fund the research.

State funds were approved during a recent legislative session in the form of House Bill 2, and were contingent on approvals from county and city governments. 

The state initially required $50,000 from city and county bodies, but later raised local contributions by $75,000

The local appropriations were maligned by city and county officials — who said the problem was state-created — ahead of their respective votes, but leaders said they have no choice but to move forward in preventing the well’s collapse.

A collapse of the well, situated beneath the South Y highway junction and the Carlsbad Irrigation District’s main canal, is estimated to cause up to $1 billion in damages and predicted to prove fatal for many…

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