Bruno to BizLab: ‘We gotta get government off our backs’ – New York News

Bruno to BizLab: ‘We gotta get government off our backs’ – New York News

Joe Bruno gave his thoughts on why he was investigated by the feds before trying to answer an even bigger question: How did Donald Trump become our president? 

The former state Senate majority leader, who was acquitted of fraud charges in 2014 after a nearly nine-year investigation, was speaking Tuesday night to a crowd of about 75 at the New York BizLab on State Street.

“I know Donald Trump as well as I know anybody in this room,” said Bruno, 88. “I played golf with him several times, he did things, fundraisers for us. Never in a million years did I think he’d be president of the United States.” 

“I don’t think you’re alone,” interjected Rick D’Errico, the BizLab’s managing director, who moderated the discussion. 

Bruno continued, “But he’s there, why? People were tired of the established government, big government, suffocating government, big brotherism, big sisterism — and they’re right. They’re right. Stand up, all of you. When you believe in it, join alliances, join federations, join others and fight for what you believe in, OK? And you’ll be happier with yourself and you’ll prosper.

“We gotta get government off our backs.”

D’Errico interjected again, interrupting the silence, “That should be an applause line right there.”

The crowd, consisting of many local business owners, applauded warmly. 

On the topic of the investigation, Bruno pointed to the part-time definition of his old job in the state Legislature — a job that’s grown with the rest of government. 

“With a part-time job, the feds can come in and they can indict almost anybody…

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