Can’t decide what to get Dad? You’re not alone – Tennessee News

Can’t decide what to get Dad? You’re not alone –  Tennessee News


Local retailer talks about how the shopping season went for Father’s Day presents.

As Father’s Day dawns, lots of sons and daughters probably will still be wondering what to get Dad, according to several Knoxville merchants.

Father’s Day shopping is often last-minute, more so than other gift-giving holidays, agreed sellers of books, cigars and other items. When a decision is reached at last, this year it’s more likely to be something for long-term use, or a memorable experience, according to local and online indications.

Father’s Day is the second-best season of the year at Smoky’s Tobacco & Cigars, after only Christmas, Smoky’s owner Dave Watson said. The shop holds a major cigar event in the run-up to the holiday, and people started shopping early for some items – but not for others, he said.

“It’s very similar every year,” Watson said. “People might come in and buy a lighter or a cutter for their father early, but they always buy cigars late.”

Better with age

Wives or children buying Father’s Day presents are often nonsmokers, under the impression that cigars should be bought as “fresh” as possible; but when properly stored they can keep indefinitely, and get better with age, he said.

“That’s a service we provide for them, to explain what they need to do and what they don’t need to do,” Watson said.

The week before Father’s Day, business was up some from the previous year, and…

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