Car Museum Showcases Private Collection | June 8, 2017 – Rhode Island News

Car Museum Showcases Private Collection | June 8, 2017 – Rhode Island News

By Brooke Constance White

Asking Gunther Buerman, cofounder of the newly opened Newport Car Museum, to pick a favorite car is like asking him to pick a favorite child. He can’t choose one; he loves them all.

For more than 30 years, his collection of Fords, Jaguars, Corvettes, Cadillacs, Dodges and numerous other classic cars has been private. The idea to showcase them in a museum came to him one morning a few years ago when he woke up and asked his wife, Maggie, what he should do with his ever-expanding collection of restored cars. The couple decided they should either sell the 50 vehicles or share them with the public. Once they decided that opening a museum was the best way to share, the two car lovers traveled the country to see as many car museums as possible. They wanted to learn what worked, what didn’t work and ultimately figure out what they wanted their space to look like.

Fast forward to today and the two Newport residents have debuted their expansive collection at the new museum on the Raytheon campus in Portsmouth.

Gunther and Maggie Buerman
Gunther and Maggie Buerman
Buerman, who has every model of Corvette ever made, smiles when he talks about cars, saying he loves showing off his collection.

“It’s art, I love it,” he said, standing beside a convertible version of the 1957 DeSoto Coupe he bought as his first car for $295 in 1961. “Even if they’re not into cars, people usually get excited to see such beautiful creations. I think everyone’s going to love it.”

The 55,000-square-foot museum has five galleries that house Mopars, Fin cars, Corvettes, World…

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