Delaware Gazette | Man given 2 years for forged credit cards – Ohio News

Delaware Gazette | Man given 2 years for forged credit cards – Ohio News

A Columbus man was sentenced to two years in prison Wednesday afternoon after he pleaded guilty to forgery for using stolen credit cards.

Glen Allen Graves, 46, appeared in Delaware County Common Pleas Court Wednesday afternoon to be sentenced for four counts of forgery, fifth-degree felonies.

Graves pleaded guilty to the charges at a hearing on March 20, where he confessed that in January of this year he got credit cards in his name but with magnetic strips and chips from other people’s cards and used them to make purchases at a store in Delaware County.

Assistant Delaware County Prosecutor Cory Goe asked Delaware County Common Pleas Judge Everett Krueger to give Graves a prison sentence and said that Graves is also facing theft charges for similar conduct in Franklin County. Graves said those thefts were before he was indicted for the forgery charges and said he had no money and had to steal and eat food in a grocery store.

Goe added that prosecutors were not asking for any restitution in the case because the credit card companies have already compensated the victims and cancelled the forged charges.

Before he was sentenced, Graves apologized for his behavior.

“I’m sorry for the crimes that I caused,” Graves said. “I’m trying to get my life together.”

At his change of plea hearing, Graves said he was addicted to cocaine when he used the forged credit cards and was committing forgery to feed his addiction.

After reviewing Graves’ record, which included a prior prison sentence, Krueger sentenced Graves to one year in prison for each of the four charges. He stipulated that only two of the one year prison…

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