Disney suing over ‘excessive’ property taxes again – Florida News

Disney suing over ‘excessive’ property taxes again – Florida News

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  • Photo via Walt Disney World/Facebook

Disney isn’t happy with their property tax assessments from last year. In fact, they think the assessments are so “excessive” that they’re suing.

Walt Disney Parks and Resorts filed almost a dozen lawsuits in Orange County Circuit Court last month, reports the Orlando Sentinel. Disney claims the assessments by Orange County Appraiser Rick Singh
exceeded their properties’ fair market value and incorrectly “included the value of certain intangible property in the assessments.”

In 2014, the Property Appraiser’s office sent Disney World a tax bill of $84.5 million, but by 2016, the bill jumped to $102.6 million.

But Singh has pointed out in the past that the key issue that caused these increases is the fact that he’s the first state-certified and qualified appraiser in the history of the Orange County office.

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