Florence man charged with attempted murder gets plea cutoff extension – Colorado News

Florence man charged with attempted murder gets plea cutoff extension – Colorado News

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Robert Serviss

The plea cutoff for a man who was arrested in October 2016 after he allegedly ran over another man on purpose in Florence was extended Tuesday as a new plea offer may be in the works.

Robert Serviss, 60, is being charged with criminal attempt to commit murder in the first degree, assault in the first degree, vehicular assault and felony menacing.

According to the probable cause statement, Serviss deliberately ran over Raymond Mello, 61, because Serviss thought Mello was a dangerous man.

Amanda Yellico, who was present for the incident, stated Serviss backed his truck “way up and got a running jump and ran Mello over.”

In the same statement, Yellico told Fremont County Sheriff’s Office Detective Dale King in an interview that Serviss and Mello had an altercation at her residence, which resulted in Serviss getting in his truck and hitting Mello.

“Mello was ran over by both wheels on the driver’s side of the vehicle,” the probable cause statement said.

In another interview contained within the probable cause statement, Serviss told King he knew Mello because they used to be neighbors, and that Mello had told him he was connected to the mafia.

Because of this, Serviss said he was scared of Mello.

Serviss said he went to Yellico’s house to return a sack of clothes, but when he arrived, she told him to leave.

At one point, Mello then got out of his car and came running at Serviss, the statement said.

“Serviss said he put his truck in reverse and backed up,” the statement said.

Serviss continued, saying Mello was catching up so he switched his truck into first gear and that he tried to…

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