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Food for thought – The Ellsworth AmericanThe Ellsworth American – Maine News

This is the month that eager, full-of-hope young adults graduate from institutions of learning. Whether high school or college, these graduates are always subjected to one final round of advice from a commencement speaker before they toss their hats in the air and bolt for the door.

To tell you the truth, I have no recollection of the commencement speaker or his or her words when my diploma was handed to me at the University of Maine, lo so many years ago. We thought we knew it all then, and the words of the greybeard at the podium were just words.

Today, commencement speeches fascinate me. Not only the quality of the commencement speaker’s insights, or lack thereof, but the look on the faces of the graduates. Some of them have their receptors turned on; some are miles away.

At the U.S. Naval Academy recently, Vice President Pence had some thoughtful advice about leadership for the graduating class.

“I truly believe that among the most important qualities of leadership — whether it’s in the armed forces or any other endeavor — are humility, orientation to authority and self-control. And I encourage you to cultivate these qualities as leaders in increasing measure every day from this day forward.”

Recently, during an awards ceremony for graduates of the wildlife ecology program at the University of Maine, a former wildlife major was honored and recognized for her accomplishments and professional contributions. Diane Roth Eggeman, who graduated in 1986 with an M.S. in wildlife management, was selected for the 2017 Distinguished Alumni Award from the Department of Wildlife Fisheries, and Conservation…

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