He was Batman! – Tennessee News

He was Batman! –  Tennessee News

Adam West, who played Batman in the 1960s TV series, was remembered June 10 at the 901 Comics Anniversary Celebration. West died June 9 at age 88.

The week-long celebration of events, which commemorated the first year anniversary of the store at 2162 Young Avenue, included performances by Shamefinger, Gloryholes and The Turn It Offs June 10 in the gazebo at the corner of Cooper and Young. The event coincided with the Blythe & Young Block Party, which included Goner Records and other participating businesses.

The members of Shamefinger wore DC Comics superhero masks in honor of West.

“We’d already planned to dress up as superheroes in some form, but we decided to go with DC superheroes for Adam West,” said bass player Farmer Zanath.

Their costume was “a little $5 cardboard mask pack that we bought at Party City. It was a pack of Justice League superheroes.”

Who wore the Batman mask? “That would be me,” Farmer said. “I wanted it, but I left it up to the band.”

Asked why he was selected to be Batman, Farmer said. “I tend to write the darker, faster songs for the band, I guess.”

The band members didn’t wear the masks during the entire set, which opened with Nerf Herder’s theme for TV’s “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” “We found out the masks muffled our voices for the mike. (We) took off the masks and played the rest of the set.”


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