Law Enforcement Blotter: Wednesday, June 14 – Minnesota News

Law Enforcement Blotter: Wednesday, June 14 – Minnesota News

Check welfare of person, male passed out in front seat at access, access was empty, Lake Union.

Public assist, comp stating she wants to get her stuff out and the landlord is there, Osakis.

Suspicious activity, comp was supposed to have motorcycle shipped here and it has not arrived yet, Alex.

Public assist, requesting someone stand by while she retrieves property, Brandon.

Suspicious activity, vehicles racing back and forth, males screaming at each other across the street, advised parties to be respectful to neighbors and keep voices down, Evansville.

Order for protection violation, person one came into residence and threatened to hurt comp and her boyfriend, threw her on the bed and left, Carlos.


Wednesday, June 14

Suspicious activity, comp stating there are two people trying to break into the building and keep buzzing her apartment, neighbors locked themselves out of building and were trying to contact comp to let them in.

Suspicious vehicle, there is a pickup on the railroad tracks, there is a train due through there in one hour on the main track, fell asleep watching the train, accidentally drove onto the tracks.

Check welfare of person, male sitting on south side of 82 wearing all black and smoking a cigarette, comp says he seemed upset, person was going to hang out in the area until his girlfriend gets to town to give him a ride.

Public assist, complaint on street curbs.

Suspicious vehicle, motorcycle left in lot over night.

Suspicious activity, anonymous complainant called crying stating there are people at arrested male’s apartment taking stuff.

Public assist, escort baseball team out of…

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