Looking for help to foot the bill – Illinois News

Looking for help to foot the bill –  Illinois News

DURAND – She looks like a duck, she quacks like a duck, but she doesn’t walk like a duck, and that’s a problem.

Snuggles, a domestic duck, was born 2 years ago with a bum left leg – the joints don’t connect, and that has kept her from ever waddling. As a result, her right leg is weak from lack of use.

She lived her stationary life on a farm until 2 weeks ago, when she was brought to Hoo Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center by a friend of her owner. She weighed about 3 pounds – a good 7 pounds underweight – and she needed a bath and medicine to clear up her eyes, said Karen Herdklotz, Hoo Haven’s director.

At the same time, the center had taken in Buttercup, an 8-week-old pelican. Shunned by the other pelicans, Buttercup immediately bird-bonded with Snuggles. The two are inseparable, and in fact, that’s how Snuggles got her name.

“They’re always side by side,” Herdklotz said.

Snuggles now spends her time eating, doing aquatic leg-strengthening exercises, getting bathed, even watching TV.

“She really gets a lot of…

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