Newspaper editor hears it all from behind the bar – Maine News

Newspaper editor hears it all from behind the bar – Maine News

BLUE HILL — A hard-drinking journalist perched on a bar stool fishing for news tips is a long-held stereotype.

But you’ll find Penobscot Bay Press Managing Editor Faith DeAmbrose fielding potential stories from behind the bar as she mixes cocktails at DeepWater Brewing Co.

In her 20th year tending bar, the Orland resident began mixing drinks while earning an English literature degree from Rhode Island College.

“I’ve probably made every cocktail known to man,” DeAmbrose said.

As a college student, the Seekonk, Mass., native had first worked as a server but realized the bartending staff was having more fun and making more money.

So, she trained to become a bartender and hasn’t looked back.

“I’m very passionate about it,” she said.

Bartender/Journalist Faith DeAmbrose pours spirits into a cocktail shaker for making a martini at DeepWater Brewing Co in Blue Hill. After years behind a bar, “muscle memory” tells the bartender when to stop pouring, eliminating the need to measure liquor.

When she first began freelancing as a writer for Penobscot Bay Press Publisher Nat Barrows, DeAmbrose was bartending full time.

Now the ratio has flipped.

She’s elbows deep in ink full time and tends bar two nights a week — Thursday and Saturday.

DeAmbrose is getting more than cash in her tip jar. Customers alert her to what’s doing around the peninsula. They also might share their personal lives while sitting at the bar.

“I’ve learned more about some people than I ever wanted to know,” she said. “It’s a different perspective into the community for sure.”

Not everyone who comes…

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