Poor Will’s Clark County Almanack: Summer Solstice week – Ohio News

Poor Will’s Clark County Almanack: Summer Solstice week – Ohio News

The garden is fragrant everywhere;

In its lily-bugles the gold bee sups,

And butterflies flutter on winglets fair

Round the tremulous meadow buttercups. — Munkittrick

The Almanack Horoscope

Moon Time: The Strawberry and Raspberry Moon wanes throughout the week, entering its final quarter at 6:33 a.m. on June 17. Rising after dark and setting after sunrise, this moon will brighten the post-midnight sky.

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Sun Time: The midpoint of the solar year, the day on which the Sun reaches as high in the sky as it will ever go, occurs on June 20 at 11:24 p.m., entering the middle summer sign of Cancer at the same time. Between June 19 and 23, the sun holds steady at its solstice declination of 23 degrees 26 minutes, and the day’s length remains virtually unchanged.

Planet Time: Jupiter, traveling deep into the western sky in the evening, disappears with Virgo after midnight. Moving forward into Ophiuchus, Saturn rises after sunset and moves across the sky throughout the night..

Star Time: Early risers see the sky the way it will look in late September: the Milky Way overhead, the Great Square covering most of the southeast, huge Cygnus the swan shifting west, following bright Vega. June’s Corona Borealis will be setting now, and the first sign of winter, Aldebaran of the constellation Taurus, will have just emerged in the northeast.

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