Rock garden tribute built with strong support – Minnesota News

Rock garden tribute built with strong support – Minnesota News

Ethan died unexpectedly March 26 due to complications from an undiagnosed intestinal problem caused by Meckel’s diverticulum. Meckel’s is a congenital health issue that usually shows symptoms in the first few years of a child’s life.

“He never had any symptoms of it. He started coming down with flu-like symptoms on Friday, March 24. There was regular vomiting, but he wasn’t in any pain,” said Ethan’s mother, Sarah Hedeen.

In the following days, the abnormal intestinal pouch reattached to the stomach wall and caused his intestines to twist. Sarah said the doctors had no reason to believe Meckel’s was present due to the sudden nature of the illness and the lack of typical symptoms.

“They gave him medicine to help with his stomach and that worked for a few hours, but eventually his intestines just died,” Sarah said.

In the wake of the tragedy, volunteers and citizens from all over have banded together to make a proper memorial to Ethan.

A rock garden is close to being completed. The idea was originally put together by Sarah’s sister-in-law only days after the news of Ethan’s death.

“Some of the rocks are people who wanted to show support. Some people south of Rochester brought big boulders up, and people I don’t even know have sent Facebook messages or cards. The outpouring and loving support has been amazing,” Sarah said.

The memorial is a fitting tribute to a boy who loved collecting rocks. According to his mom, Ethan’s room was full of boxes of rocks and he always loved to finding new, cool rocks. He found many on the bluff above their land, along with some from the foundation where their house was built a few years ago.


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