Sabal Trail Pipeline Begins Natural Gas Service to Florida – Florida News

Sabal Trail Pipeline Begins Natural Gas Service to Florida – Florida News

Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 12:31 p.m.

Construction of the Sabal Trail Pipeline in Marion County this past February.

Courtesy of Cody Suggs

For well over a year, Florida environmentalists and water protectors have been sounding the alarm about the Sabal Trail Transmission Pipeline, a behemoth, 515-mile natural gas pipeline cutting through the state’s vulnerable wetlands and above the Floridan Aquifer, our largest source of drinking water. At least 28 protesters have been arrested for civil disobedience as they rallied against the pipeline’s construction.

The activists’ chances of stopping the massive project has never been great, but it seems they’ve finally lost the war. This past Wednesday, gas officially began flowing through 482 miles of the pipeline from Central Alabama to Osceola County, near Orlando.

“This initial capacity is intended to provide service to Florida Power & Light to meet the start of its peak cooling season,” Sabal Trail Pipeline spokesperson Andrea Grover confirmed in an email to New Times.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the pipeline has already been linked up with the 126-mile Florida Southeast Connection, which brings natural gas from Osceola County to FPL’s plant in Indiantown. As of Wednesday, the pipeline will supply all of the natural gas at the Riviera Beach power plant in Palm Beach County and will soon do the same at other FPL plants in South and Central Florida.

Though it never quite garnered the same attention as the Dakota Access Pipeline, Sabal Trail has faced a steady stream of opposition since the project…

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