Something Rotten’s Autumn Hurlbert Does Double-Duty As Mom and ‘Portia’ – Texas News

Something Rotten’s Autumn Hurlbert Does Double-Duty As Mom and ‘Portia’ – Texas News

Autumn Hurlbert (left) stars in Something Rotten as love interest Portia.

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No one in the theater world works harder than an actress who’s also a mom. Don’t believe it? Gal Godot famously reshot certain scenes of Wonder Woman while five months pregnant.

Google “baby brain.” That’s a real thing that happens where your kids suck all of your mental energy. When you’re growing or managing a small human you often forget to do simple things like wear matching shoes in public.

Now take your baby brain and memorize lines, sing and dance on stage every night, and do it with a smile. Then you have Autumn Hurlbert, an actress who is doing all of those things and more. Hurlbert is on the national tour of the Broadway hit Something Rotten, and she’s brought her 2-year-old son, Lincoln, along for the epic trip.

Something Rotten, which opened on Broadway in 2015 but is set in 1595, is the story of two brothers who hate William Shakespeare and are on a mission to discover the next big thing in the theater world. They get a hot tip that it’s musicals, and despite not knowing what that means, they set off to make it happen. Every name, every character, every reference is a nod to musical theater, and each character has a Shakespearean name.

By day, Hurlbert feeds Lincoln homemade food, gets him down for naps and maintains a consistent bedtime routine. By night, she plays the role of Portia, whose name is a reference to the heroine in Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.

Hurlbert, her husband, and their son are self-proclaimed theater gypsies. Hurlbert had just given birth to Lincoln…

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