Stark House features Orange during WWI – Texas News

Stark House features Orange during WWI – Texas News

By Dawn Burleigh

The Orange Leader

An exhibit at The W.H. Stark House entitled The World War I Home Front: Orange Goes Over the Top tells the story of how the Starks and the local community worked in home front efforts during World War I. This special Tower Room exhibit, the last stop on a regular tour, offers a glimpse into local life at a unique and historic moment. This exhibit will be on view until Saturday, July 14, 2018.

The exhibit space is divided into seven sections covering specific themes: Introduction, Red Cross, The Orchid Lady (Frances Ann Lutcher), Industry, Soldiers, and Belgian Relief.

Interactive spaces include the Turret area with a sound board that will play songs popular during the war and in the center of the room guests can see a large map and can stick blue and gold stars down where family members have served or given their lives in military service.

The impact across America at entering War World I was felt everywhere including the small town of Orange. While the Starks helped found the Orange Chapter of the American Red Cross, several household staff members helped support the organization including their gardener packing boxes of bed sheets and other supplies for the servicemen.

The exhibit explores how the Starks and the town of Orange supported war time activities. Almost everyone in Orange, from the Starks to their relatives, servants, and employees played an active role.

Miriam’s mother, Frances Lutcher knitted socks for the Red Cross and was known as “The Orchid Lady” as she gave troops passing through Orange an orchid to help lift their spirits.

The 20th Engineer…

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