Two states sue Trump, charging corruption – Long Island Business News – New York News

Two states sue Trump, charging corruption – Long Island Business News – New York News

Two attorneys generals have filed a law suit arguing that President Donald Trump is profiting illegally, as his companies receive special treatment and funds from foreign governments.

The attorneys general from Maryland and the District of Columbia, both Democrats, on June 12 filed a case against President Donald Trump for violating the U.S. Constitution’s Foreign and Domestic Emoluments Clauses.

These rarely, if ever, invoked lines in the Constitution state that presidents cannot accept funds and personally profit from foreign governments, something that those two states argue Donald Trump is doing.

Those who say Donald Trump is using his businesses to rake in money from foreign governments cite hundreds of thousands of dollars from Saudi Arabia going to Trump’s hotel business as possible violations of the emolument clause.

And they cite China’s recent decision to grant Trump numerous trademarks as another action apparently taken to curry favor with the president.

In addition to citing Saudi Arabia and China’s actions, they also pointed to actions that Trump took favoring those two nations as possible signs that the president is granting favored nation status to countries that can benefit him.

“Trump applied for trademark protection for his name for a dozen years and was denied repeatedly by China,” Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh said in a conference call. “During the campaign and after his election, he suggested he might end the one China policy.”

Trump then met with Chinese leaders just days before he was granted various trademarks, which Frosh called a “most egregious”…

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