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Union surveys point out problems in school district

Discipline policy, communications and staff training get failing grades


Answers from 32 certificated employees

Members of two Grand Coulee Dam School District unions responding to recent internal surveys outlined a number of complaints dealing with discipline, communication and training issues.

The survey responses provide a glimpse into a district, many of whose workers are disillusioned enough that union leaders felt compelled to ask questions of the membership.

While the survey respondents collectively fell short of painting a no-confidence opinion, several within the two unions stated that they didn’t have any confidence in the school administration.

Most dissatisfaction centered around discipline in the schools and a prevalent opinion that administrators don’t provide enough support for paraprofessionals and teachers.

“We are very serious about this, and we hope the administration will be as well,” said Aaron Derr, the district’s classified union president in an interview at The Star.

Derr said the classified-level survey had been meant to be used internally, and that he had wanted it as a means to present information the administration could act on, “a wake-up call.” But he was concerned the results might “paint the district in an uglier light than it really is.”

The Star was given a copy of an edited version of it last week as several had reportedly been handed out in the community. Derr said that was the version he had presented to his membership after editing some comments that might have made particular students personally identifiable.

District Superintendent Paul…

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