Volunteer fire fighters ignite resignation debate – New Mexico News

Volunteer fire fighters ignite resignation debate – New Mexico News

Assistant fire chiefs demand mayor’s resignation over handling of the resignation of Carrizozo’s long-time fire chief

The mayor of Carrizozo said Wednesday that residents and business owners of the county seat will not be without fire protection in the wake of a debate over some long festering issues between top officers in the volunteer fire department and the town’s administration.

Mayor Richard Hyatt, who was appointed when the former mayor resigned, said although Assistant Fire Chiefs Leeroy Zamora Jr. and Walter Hill warned that they and other members of the volunteer county department would resign if the mayor did not step down, he doesn’t believe that will occur. If it does, he already has several new volunteers with fire-fighting backgrounds ready to step up, as well as offers from other county departments to fill the void, Hyatt said.

The debate over the fate of the department and fire coverage in Carrizozo came to a head during a meeting Tuesday of the Board of Trustees. During that session, Lincoln County Commission Chairman Preston Stone asked about the options Hyatt would pursue, if the town lost their volunteers. Hyatt said he already spoke with the state fire marshal and contacted the county officials who coordinate the volunteer departments in the…

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