When your canvas wiggles, kiss it – The Sheridan Press – Wyoming News

When your canvas wiggles, kiss it – The Sheridan Press –  Wyoming News

SHERIDAN — Sometimes her canvas is large, and sometimes it is small, but no matter the size, when it wiggles she gives it lots of kisses.

Kisses help calm nervous canines, the canvas that dog groomer April Graham works with every day. Graham owns Pride & Groom, LLC, on Lewis Street.

One day last week, from 7-8 in the morning, a total of eight canvases bounded through Graham’s door.

Huggie is as lovable as his name; Angus and Olivia, a black and white standard poodle pair, are regulars every eight weeks; Brutus is a big marshmallow of a golden retriever, Tilly a shy little Yorkie, and mini Aussies Nicki and Buddy are always ready to be made prim and proper.

Yogi, a 162-pound Saint Bernard, is a new client who will require two groomers and lots of doggy treats to get washed, brushed and beautified.

Graham has always loved dogs. For years, she was involved with rescues, serving as an emergency drop location for animals going from high kill shelters or abusive situations to new homes. She was glad to play a part in protecting furry friends but saw a lot of things that made her heart ache.

“I decided I wanted to see the other end, dogs that were cared for and spoiled, so I chose to get into grooming,” Graham said.

Now, she scrubs, brushes, clips and foo foos to her heart’s delight. She “doodles” with poodle mixes, frames lovable faces, paints toe nails and waves color through the air with long-haired tails that wag with joy.

Graham grooms to keep pets healthy, checking teeth, skin, nails and hair for signs of illness along with washing and trimming to keep fur clean and mat-free. That is the practical part…

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