Wicks n’ More continues rebuilding – Mississippi News

Wicks n’ More continues rebuilding – Mississippi News

SALTILLO – It’s been a journey filled with peaks and valleys, but candle company Wicks n’ More continues to fight its way back to regain its place in the market.

With a new home, the company hopes to re-establish accounts and develop new ones for its still-popular signature pillar candles, as well as its votives, melting tarts and candle accessories.

Wicks n’ More is now in a 1,500-square-foot building in Saltillo that serves as its manufacturing, warehouse and retail base of operations.

“It’s a little small – we could probably use 2,000 square feet, but we’ll be OK,” said Jim Troxler, who oversees the operations. “But we do have a full basement and small mezzanine area that probably gives us what we need.”

His sons, Will and Ben, bought Wicks n’ More from its founders, Beckey and Kim Neal, in 2013.

The company has scaled down quite a bit from its peak about a decade ago, when it had some 3,000 customers across the country and pulled in seven-figure sales.

Wicks n’ More is a long way from that, but the Troxlers aren’t giving up on an established, well-regarded brand.

It starts from their tidy but efficient space that also serves as a mall retail outlet.

“The thing is we were in two previous places that were really too big, and this is the first time we’ve had it where it’s just the right size,” Jim Troxler said. “We’ve had to do some consolidation to get everything in here, but we’re real pleased with it because it cut our overhead by about a third.”

The candle company, established in 1999, is known for its signature hand-poured candles. But a series of…

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