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Photos courtesy Thingamajig Theatre Company
Newcomer Marion Bienvenue joins Pagosa veteran Dennis Elkins in Thingamajig’s over-the-top musical “Hairspray.”

By Audrey Crocker
Special to The PREVIEW

There aren’t many eras of hairstyles that embody the use of hairspray more than the 1960s. With beehives, teased bobs, fabulous updos and the dawn of Marilyn Monroe’s glamorous curls, hairspray was an absolute must-have in the salon of every stylist worth his of her salt.

It’s in this quirky and fun era that we find the heroine of John Waters’ musical “Hairspray,” Tracy Turnblad, marching to her own beat and finding out just how to have the sassiest ‘do in the whole town.

“Hairspray” opens following a day in the life of a young woman who is bursting with joy at every turn. Hilariously enchanted by everything on the seedy Baltimore streets, she sees fun and possibility in every situation. From her father’s quirky joke shop to the streaker down the street, she sees the good in people right from the start. In an era full of change and forward motion, this innate attitude sets her up to be a peacemaker right away. Belting out her love for all people and dancing out her inner dance diva, Tracy finds herself as the center of a movement that just might make the world a better place.

Although full of historical struggles and an examination of how we treat others, “Hairspray” is full of so much joy you will hardly be able to keep still in your seats. Set in a high school where the only things a teenager wants is to watch the “Corny Collins Show,” get asked to a school dance, and…

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