Cameo Adele Has All The Soul OC Needs – California News

Cameo Adele Has All The Soul OC Needs – California News

Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 7:25 a.m.


Sickass Pants

Yvonne Gyamfi

When you first hear Cameo Adele sing, it’s almost impossible to imagine such a talented neo-soul singer coming out of OC. Her music sounds like it belongs on the radio instead of behind the Orange Curtain and yet there’s still a rawness to her sound which might make the airwaves unworthy. The 24-year-old connects to her listeners through a sonic honesty you can find everywhere from the love in her singing to her ability to make the words “bitches and hoes” sound soothing on the song B&H. There’s a happiness to her music, best heard in her song “Indigo” and almost every track is perfect to vibe out to. She doesn’t just have music in her soul; she has it in her genes.

She was born Cameo Adele Smith in Sylmar, California April 21, 1993 to her singer/musician father Smitty of United World Orchestra (best known for singing a hook for The Game‘s song Dreams) and her singer mother Dui formerly of United World Orchestra. She describes her childhood as a “a little rocky” due to her parents divorcing when she was 4-years-old but she “always had presents at Christmas.” Her family moved to Anaheim while she was in kindergarten and she recalls singing at a young age whenever her mom would DJ a karaoke event. Growing up, her parents were always supportive of her and her eight siblings pursuing creative endeavors with her brother Justice Smith (star of Netflix’s show The Get Down) pursuing acting and Cameo choosing to follow her passion for music.

“When I was 12 I started writing poetry, making it…

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