Foot Locker’s Father’s Day Commercial With Lonzo Ball Is Great – Texas News

Foot Locker’s Father’s Day Commercial With Lonzo Ball Is Great – Texas News

Thursday, June 15, 2017 at 7 a.m.

With Father’s Day on the horizon this weekend, it’s a reminder that the topic of fathers and sons in sports has been a hotly debated one over the past couple of months, fueled largely by LaVar Ball’s helicopter-style, battering-ram over-involvement in his oldest son Lonzo’s transition from one season playing basketball at UCLA to the NBA.

Lonzo will likely be a top five pick in the draft next week, as many forecast him to go to the Lakers with the second overall pick, which would suit LaVar just fine since he’s basically told the other 29 teams to keep their meat hooks off of his son. (We will ignore, for now, the reports that Lonzo’s workout for the Lakers was, well, less than overwhelming.)

That’s just one ostensibly detrimental tack that LaVar has taken in trying to steer his son’s professional basketball journey. The others are practically too long to list — costing his son a shoe deal reportedly in the neighborhood of $10 million, inciting Steph Curry, trash-talking Michael Jordan, angering LeBron James…do I need to go any further?

And if you think LaVar is doing all of this in his son’s best interest and not his own, just know that LaVar recently announced a deal to sell $59.95 autographed trading cards…of HIMSELF. Not his future lottery pick son… HIMSELF. LAVAR BALL AUTOGRAPHED CARDS…for $59.95! That’s about to be a thing.

Let’s just say that if everyone else’s father were making his son’s next job seemingly this difficult, the unemployment rate of college graduates would be through the roof. The strange…

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