Funding in place for added Lake road repairs – Indiana News

Funding in place for added Lake road repairs –  Indiana News

A second round of road work for this year was approved Tuesday by the Lake County Council in the wake of the release of roughly $4.5 million in highway department reserves.

The council unanimously approved applying the funds to various road projects. Projects will include resurfacing and some reconstruction.

Marc Malczewski, highway department superintendent, said the list is a combination of resurfacing and reconstruction on some of the county’s worst roads. Nine of the roads on the list of those to be pursued under the second phase of work are rated as “1,” the worst condition roads can be graded. Roads rated 1 are failing or near failure.

Twenty of the roads on the list are ranked as “2,” another six are ranked at “3” and the remaining roads are listed at “4” or above.

There are 38 roads on the list, approximately 23.75 miles worth of work at an estimated cost of $5.58 million, according to documents provided by officials.

Malczewski expects to spend about $10 million on roadwork this year, the highest amount spent on roads in a single year in his recollection.

“We usually spend somewhere between $2.5 million and $6 million,” Malczewski said.

Commissioner Jerry Tippy, R-Schererville, who along with Larry Blanchard, commissioners’ consultant, brought the reserves to the attention of officials so they could be released, said the list targets roads in need of the most work, though the roads on the list could change.

Cost for projects on the list are estimated. If costs come in higher than expected, some of the roads on the list could be bumped,…

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