Gardiner gets probation in drug-fueled violence against cops case – Utah News

Gardiner gets probation in drug-fueled violence against cops case – Utah News

A Hurricane resident accused of a violent encounter with police officers that initially included allegations he broke into a neighbor’s home and left a precision “sniper-style” rifle in his home pointed at an off-duty cop’s door was granted probation Wednesday seven related charges.

Nathan Allen Gardiner, 44, will serve 36 months of probation supervised by Adult Probation and Parole under what Judge G. Michael Westfall termed “an extremely favorable sentence” resulting from a May plea agreement that dismissed eight counts, including the felony burglary charge, stemming from drug-fueled resistance to the neighbor and officers responding to the scene.

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Gardiner told Westfall that being arrested and required to undergo drug treatment finally forced him to “wake up” and re-evaluate his life, noting that as a consequence of the incident he is now working a job that pays a quarter of what he was making before and no longer has a car or a driver’s license.

“But for the first time, I’m at peace,” he told the judge.

Westfall countered that the woman who was sleeping when he allegedly broke into her home and tried to incite her to fight him may not feel the same way.

“I’m glad you’re at peace. Unfortunately, I’m not sure the victim is. And I’m not sure she’s going to be for some time,” he said.

Defense attorney Gary Pendleton argued that the charges pertaining to the alleged invasion of the…

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