Impeach Schnapps – California News

Impeach Schnapps – California News

If you find yourself hitting the bottle harder than usual these days — getting up at 7 a.m. Pacific to tailor your drinking games to the congressional testimony of former FBI directors and such — you might do well to tether your situational dipsomania to some booze-friendly satire. Laurie Gibson and Amanda Orr’s book of cocktails, Drink: A Four-Year Survival Guide, provides a handy rubric for the art of resisting the alt-right (or suffering through another four years of bumbling ineptitude).

Even though you can’t spell “Trump” without “rum,” the president is, by all accounts, a teetotaler. If there are presidential wine decanters on Air Force One, they’re probably not getting much use. But Gibson and Orr are PR professionals — the former here in San Francisco, the latter in Washington, D.C. — who most certainly enjoy a drink. Approaching panic over the state of the nation since sometime in mid-2016, they decided to co-write a book to allay their unease. After churning through possible stress-relief subjects like yoga, they landed on one that felt immediately obvious: drinking. It helps when, as in Gibson’s case, your surname is also the name of a classic cocktail.

“This is going to be a long haul for us: to be very persistent and dedicated to the resistance,” Gibson says. “At the same time, we’re all going to get exhausted if we don’t do things that are funny.”

To break the taboo against discussing politics in social situations where chitchat prevails — “that’s gone out the window, because what’s more important than our liberty?” — they made the book funny. Each of…

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