In search of elusive compromise – Santa Clarita Valley Signal – California News

In search of elusive compromise – Santa Clarita Valley Signal – California News

Aren’t you fed up with this by now?

We seem to have become so narrowly focused and polarized in our views that real and important change does not happen.

“My way or the highway” appears to be the thinking of many of us. How did we get this way? The Congress of the United States of America was itself a compromise creating two houses to balance the interests of large and small states.

Was it exactly what each side wanted? Nope. But each one got a little and was satisfied to move forward.

This represented a huge improvement over a single-house form of government and was a triumph for the idea that compromise could forge great success in human governance.

But triumph has been elusive for us Americans in one area: health care.

We can’t seem to agree on health care programs. In 2010, Obamacare (the Affordable Care Act or ACA) was passed without a single Republican vote in support. Recently, the AHCA (the American Health Care Act of 2017) was passed without a single Democratic vote.

C’mon, Congress! This is not acceptable! You must learn to work together and create a compromise piece of legislation that benefits the majority of the American people.

You cannot adhere so closely to your philosophical mantras that true compromise is not attainable.

The Democratic ACA was signed into law but is being swept aside by a Republican-controlled Congress and White House.

So what will happen in the future? Even if the Republican AHCA is signed into law, four years later, if the Democrats control Congress (and current trends say they will), the AHCA will be swept aside for yet another program.


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