Letters to the editor: June 14, 2017 – Washington News

More needed

Dear Editor:

Smoke in the upper Methow Valley from U.S. Forest Service prescribed burning for forest health: Go, Methow Valley Ranger District! Thanks. And we need more.

Susan Crampton, Twisp/Winthrop

Not representative

Dear Editor:

While I would like to hang up my phone and put down my pen and just wait for the United States to heal by itself, I just can’t sit idle. Participation in the direction of our nation is the basis on which our country was founded. Recognize the phrase “No taxation without representation?” What concerns me more and more is the concept of “representation.” It used to be that we elected representatives who represented us, their constituents. But ever since the Supreme Court upheld Citizens United, Representative Dan Newhouse and his colleagues listen to corporations and big money interests from outside Washington state.

Newhouse no longer spends any time on concerns of our Fourth District that stretches from the Canadian border down to the Tri-Cities, as far east as Nespelem and Washburn in the south to Yakima, Quincy, Waterville, and Winthrop on the western edge.

Case in point: Newhouse’s district has no oil, gas or coal mining, yet Newhouse is co-sponsor of two pieces of legislation, one that protects mining practices that violate federal law (HJR 38) and another (HJR 36) that gets rid of laws that reduce wasteful oil and natural gas mining practices on federal and tribal lands!

We need a representative who will listen to us and spend his/her time, staff energy, and our money on our state and county’s interests.  Please.

Gay Northrup, Winthrop

Pool party


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