Madison County has its first Hispanic Church – Ohio News

Madison County has its first Hispanic Church – Ohio News

Pastor Julio Paredes Silva is the pastor and founder of Iglesia de Cristo Pentecostal.

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Of about 94 churches or more in Madison County serving their 45,000 people, all are serving English speaking residents. For the estimated 750 Hispanic residents identified by Census data, none of them have had a church available to them. Although they are involved in work, schools, shopping, sports and other social activities, they have lacked the spiritual dynamics found in a church, a necessity of all people. The American church has been an historic part of that great tapestry we call American culture. This may be the first Hispanic entity in the county.

Co-sponsored by DayStar Church and its parent organization, Iglesia de Cristo Pentecostal has begun services at 2343 U.S. Route 42 SW, London, just west of OPOTA and Kirkwood Cemetery. Pastor Julio Paredes Silva, who has led a group of 15 churches in Uruguay and 10 churches in Brazil, is the founder and pastor.

“We need to believe in miracles again,” said Pastor Julio Paredes Silva.

“Everything has its time, and everything that is wanted under heaven has its hour.” Ecclesiastes 3:1.

In this age we live, the word time is associated with many complaints: “I do not have time to take a vacation.” “I do not have time for my children.” “I do not have time to study.” “I do not have time for me.” Without realizing we waste precious good time on things of very little value. And…

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