Terrell Davis’ visit to Denver stirs memories – Colorado News

Terrell Davis’ visit to Denver stirs memories – Colorado News

— Terrell Davis’ first visit to Denver Broncos headquarters since being elected to the Hall of Fame brought back memories of his first training camp when he couldn’t see much of a future in football and came close to quitting.

The Broncos were in Tokyo practicing for a preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers in the summer of 1995.

“Let’s just say, if I spoke better Japanese I wouldn’t be here,” Davis said Wednesday. “I’m telling you, I was this close to walking out of there because I looked at everything around me and I just had no shot of making the team. I was a sixth-round draft pick, I was seventh on the depth chart, I wasn’t getting any reps in practice, I had my coach constantly on me and it just didn’t feel like there was any way of me making the team.”

Davis didn’t figure he had much of a present in football, much less a future.

“And yeah, I had a moment, I had a weak moment where I thought after practice I’m out of here. I’m not going to wait until we get back to Denver to get cut. I’m going to walk out of here,” Davis said.

“Thank God I didn’t. And then I made the big hit.”

In the preseason game against the 49ers, Davis delivered a crushing hit on kick returner Tyrone Drakeford that got the attention of the coaching staff and prompted fellow future Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe to marvel, “Who was that?”

That was the man who would go down in league history as the only running back to own back-to-back Super Bowl titles, an MVP trophy, a Super Bowl MVP honor, a 2,000-yard season and seven consecutive playoff wins in which he topped 100 yards rushing.

Davis, who will be inducted into…

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