The Record Herald | Jury found Huber Heights man guilty of break-in, theft – Ohio News

The Record Herald | Jury found Huber Heights man guilty of break-in, theft – Ohio News

A Huber Heights man awaits sentencing after breaking into his employer’s store and fleeing with $650.

A jury reached a unanimous guilty verdict Tuesday afternoon when the man’s criminal case proceeded to trial in the Fayette County Court of Common Pleas.

Christopher A. Haddick, 46, was charged with felonious breaking and entering and theft at Cheap Tobacco in Washington Court House, his employer for more than a year’s time, according to testimony.

He appeared for trial with Ohio public defense attorney Kathryn Hapner. The state’s prosecutor in the case was Fayette County assistant prosecutor Sean Abbott and Steven Beathard presided as judge.

The evidence presented at trial showed Cheap Tobacco surveillance video from the night of Oct. 9, 2016. Allegedly Haddick is seen in the video committing the breaking and entering and theft.

The full-color and high-definition video shows a darkly-clothed figure walk from the front door of the store directly into a rear room of the store. This is where two store safes were located, each in a separate location. One safe was removed, according to witnesses who testified during the trial, and contained $650 from the day’s cash drawers.

The store employees alleged Haddick stole $3,000 worth of cigarettes too, but the jury disagreed, saying the total amount of cash and merchandise taken from the store that night was less than $1,000. The felonious theft charge was then amended as Haddick was still found guilty of theft, a first-degree misdemeanor.

Store employees testified they were familiar with Haddick and two said they worked with him for more than a year. His co-workers…

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