Triple-digit heat staying for a while in the north valley – California News

Triple-digit heat staying for a while in the north valley – California News

Chico >> Treat Dad to something special for Father’s Day this Sunday. Buy him a swimming pool filled with ice.

As outlandish as that sounds, dads and others around the north state will really appreciate cooling off this weekend, with above-normal and downright miserable temperatures in the forecast.

Don’t expect lawns to be mowed, hedges trimmed or a friendly game of tennis. Any action should be inside if possible.

Triple-digit weather is expected to descend on the north valley as early as Friday, and as one local meterologist said, “There’s no end in sight.”

Matt Wanink, meterologist for Western Weather Group in Chico, said the future is hot.

A ridge of high pressure is moving over the north state and just plans to camp out.

“There’s a six-day stretch in the 100s. It could be longer. There is no clear-cut end,” said Wanink Wednesday.

“It’s a pretty bad heat wave.”

High temperatures could explode to the 110 range for Red Bluff, and “107-ish” for the Chico and Oroville areas. Butte and Tehama counties can look for heat ranges from 106-109, he said.

Western Weather gave its grower clients a heads-up about the heat wave earlier so they could start watering to protect their trees and plants.

The normal temperature for right now is low 90s, and Wanink is pretty confident that heat records will be made.

Thursday could be in the 90s, but hot winds from the north will be kicking up temperatures for Friday into the high 90s and could reach triple digits.

“There aren’t going to be any delta breezes to cool us off,” said Wanink.

Workers, plants,…

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