Dewey residents get evacuation warnings | The Daily Courier – Arizona News

Dewey residents get evacuation warnings | The Daily Courier – Arizona News

Photo by Sue Tone.

Mark Sinclair of Dewey-Humboldt is ready for evacuation should the order come, he said Wednesday at the Humboldt Post Office. All he needs to do is pick up his wife and dog and head out away from the Goodwin Fire.

Wind chimes clanged with a desolate echo in the hills of Dewey-Humboldt Wednesday afternoon as pieces of ash drifted from the smoky sky. Residents on the east side of Highway 69 watched from their porches or hillcrests along Foothills Drive as slurry bombers flew past one after the other, dropping their loads in the Blue Hills west of town.

About noon on Wednesday, residents in the upper Blue Hills area west of Highway 69 received mandatory evacuation orders. Pre-evacuation notices went out for all residents of Dewey-Humboldt late Tuesday evening, including as far south as Prescott Golf and Country Club. Those east of Highway 69 remained on pre-evac status throughout the day.

“We want to stay calm, but we want to be prepared,” said Dewey-Humboldt Town Manager Yvonne Kimball, soon after she posted notices canceling the special council meeting set for Wednesday evening.

Resident Mark Sinclair was checking his mail at the Humboldt Post Office, the back seat of his car loaded with photo albums and heirloom items.

“I have sprinklers set up on my roof ready to turn on if I have to evacuate. I have been out trimming trees all day, and I have three cars packed and ready to go,” he said.

People approached Sgt. Jason Tarr, Department of…

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