Letter: Re “There Is No Global Warming or Climate Change” (6/21) | Kingman Daily Miner – Arizona News

Letter: Re “There Is No Global Warming or Climate Change” (6/21) | Kingman Daily Miner – Arizona News

Every scientific body of national and international standing begs to differ. NASA’s website has a list of all 230 of them, like The National Academy of Sciences. They all agree Anthropogenic Global Warming is an existential threat. The seas and global temperatures continue to rise, just as the climate scientists warned they would decades ago.

The only question now is what to do about it. The world’s best economists and scientists agree carbon pricing can phase out fossil fuels in time to avert run-away global warming (IPCC). “Carbon fee-and-dividend” is a proven carbon pricing mechanism that doesn’t punish consumers or taxpayers. It rewards them.

It’s a carbon tax paid to the taxpayer, not the government. Polluters pay the tax. Taxpayers receive the tax in equal monthly “carbon dividend” rebate checks. The fee goes up every year and so do the rebates, so switching to clean energy means saving money. It’s a market-based solution that empowers businesses to profitably transition to clean-energy and gives individuals more disposable income every month, growing our GDP over $75 billion more annually (citizensclimatelobby.org).

“Carbon fee-and-dividend” is a bi-partisan solution to climate change. It uses the free market rather than government regulations, and it will create a multi-trillion-dollar clean-energy industry with over 5 million good, permanent local jobs (Stanford University’s solutionsproject.org.) It will also mean clean energy will be virtually free within the next 20 years (Washington Post).

That’s why it has support from both political parties. The GOP’s best economists, like Greg Mankiw and three Republican Treasury…

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