Officials urge health precaution: avoid breathing in smoke | The Daily Courier – Arizona News

Officials urge health precaution: avoid breathing in smoke | The Daily Courier – Arizona News

Families within the vicinity of the Goodwin Fire, including those not yet in the evacuation zones but close enough to see the fire or plumes of white smoke, need to take precautions as the conditions have not yet abated.

Yavapai County Public Information Officer David McAtee said health professionals are advising anyone who has asthma or other respiratory ailments to keep their medications and inhalers close by, or if they have been evacuated without those needed items to call either their doctors or the county Health Department.

Children with asthma should not play outdoors, and in general, people should limit any activities that will expose them to the smoke. McAtee said the county and state are monitoring air quality, and if they get into danger zones will be posting alerts on all their websites. At this time, the air quality in the Prescott and Prescott Valley areas has not been deemed severe, but clearly precautions need to be taken, McAtee said.

“Breathe as little smoky air as possible,” McAtee advised.

Windows should be kept closed in cars and homes with the air conditioners turned up; in some cases air filters for those with respiratory ailments might be required,

McAtee said.

If people are outdoors and begin to feel dizzy or ill, McAtee said they should seek medical attention.

The Community Health Center at the Health Services complex on Commerce Drive is making special allowances for those who may need immediate medical attention, or who may have been evacuated without needed medications. Those people should contact the center and make an appointment to avoid any long waits.

Other precautionary measures that emergency management folks…

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